Asdis Bjorndottir, teaches English as a second language at Hamrahlid college in Reykjavik, Iceland
Alina Starikovich, Celta/Delta trainer
Fiona Mauchline, Oxford Brookes University
Jennifer Lowe, Jennifer Lowe School of English
Hugh Dellar, co-founder of Lexical Lab and has co-written the methodology book Teaching Lexically
Amanzhol Smagulov, 10+ years of experience teaching adults English language.
Scott Thornbury, taught on an online MA TESOL program for The New School in New York.
Jane Willis, tutored for 12 years in Aston University, Birmingham
Assiya Zhangabay, the founder and president of KazAELT
Anastasia Dranishnikov, Train the trainer Cambridge TESOL\TEFL A GRADE